Top Ten List of Children’s Musical Artists


By: Angy Talbot (ECFE Blog Writer and School Readiness Instructor)

In our early childhood classrooms we use music for transitions, circle time and group activities. As a parent, I often have music playing in our house and in the car. We dance and sing while we play and we work! As a preschool teacher, I am often asked about the various songs the children are singing in school. I have made a list of my top 10 favorite musical artists for children. Not only is this music entertaining to listen to, these songs help teach positive lessons and learning skills. There are many different children’s musical artists I am fond of, but these are my favorites.

1. The Okee Dokee Brothers: These Minnesota natives won the 2013 Grammy Award for Best Children’s Album. The lyrics are clever and easy to sing to, entertaining folk style music.


2. The Laurie Berkner Band: Laurie’s music is fun to sing along to with her clear crisp voice and catchy tunes.


3. Go Fish: Their music is amusing and inspirational. My daughter still listens to these CD’s before bedtime.


4. Dr. Jean: All teachers love Dr. Jean. Children can learn so much from her music! She doesn’t have the greatest singing voice, but the children don’t mind!


5. Greg and Steve: They have lots of music that incorporates large motor movement and actions.


6. Jack Hartmann: Jack’s music is educational with catchy tunes and rhythmic beats!


7. Charlotte Diamond: Her music is lively and sing-able, inspiring children to care for each other and to celebrate diversity.


8. Shari Sloane: Shari has been a kindergarten teacher here in Minnesota for over 25 years. Her songs are inspired by her teaching experiences in the classroom.


9. Hap Palmer:  His music teaches learning skills while encouraging the use of the imagination. Rhythms on Parade has many songs you can use instruments with.


10. Ella Jenkins: Her interactive music incorporates world cultures and the joy of music. Ella’s voice is truly mesmerizing.


There are so many great songs and musicians for children. This is just a small list of music that I have used in my classroom and home over the past years.

What children’s musician is your favorite? What songs do your children like listening to?

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