The Meaning Of Reading

By: Angy Talbot (Discovery Teacher and ECFE Blog Writer)


I remember in school learning how to read.  It was challenging to make since of words that sometimes I could sound out and other times I needed to remember by sight.    Learning to read did not come easy for me.  I had to work hard at it and needed extra help.     My third grade and favorite teacher, Mrs. Bramhall, did an excellent job at taking literacy concepts and making them understandable.  She made reading fun!  I was afraid to read out loud in school because I might pronounce a word incorrectly.  Mrs. Bramhall taught me to put aside those fears and that it does not matter if I said a word wrong.  If I came across a word that I didn’t know, I needed to learn the word and the meaning of it (I got a lot of use out of an old dictionary that year).  She taught me that reading is really about total comprehension and understanding what is read.  I began to actually read books for pleasure in the third grade.  I learned to love reading and not fear it.  I found out that reading is almost like an out of body experience.  Your imagination can transform you into another place or time, and where you can meet and get to know many different types of people.  After third grade, I no longer struggled in reading.  I began to excel not only reading, but in other subjects from writing, social studies, and all areas of English.  I still love to read and read leisurely, daily.  I think in order to help children love to read, adults need to demonstrate how much fun reading really is.  When you read a book, your imagination can take you anywhere.  You can be and do anything!  Not only do we need to read to our children, we need to read ourselves.  One of my favorite quotes is from Jacqueline Kennedy, “There are many little ways to enlarge your child’s world.  Love of books is the best of all.”  What was the last story you read for yourself?  It’s time to turn off that TV or computer and read!

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