Do you have a picky eater? Tips for home and the classroom

By Ms. Angy, ECFE Blog Writer

b           Like many parents, I have a picky eater.  My daughter, since she began to eat solids, had a strong opinion about what she would or would not put into her mouth.  With a quick shake of her head and a clinching mouth, I was not able to get her to try anything.  She wanted her noodles or fruit.  I continued to introduce her to new foods and slowly she began to try them.  Today, she is still a picky eater, but at least we have a wide variety of food options to choose from since she keeps expanding her cuisine repertoire.  This past year, our Discovery Learning preschool program implemented, The Lana Preschool Program (Introduced to us by Sherburne County Public Health).  We began changing our snacks to healthy choices, introducing the children to many different types of fruits and vegetables, and cooking meals with the children that included diverse food options.  I have seen children who would normally not try new food selections, take part in taste tests, and discovering they actually liked the foods they were anxiously sampling.  It was also fun to see the children scarf down the veggie lasagna; not realizing they were eating broccoli, and lots of it!  The LANA program has great tips for families and resources that you can try at home.  Since we have introduced this program at school, I have made changes in our nutrition in my home.  I have been eating more fruits and vegetables while setting a good example for my daughter.  This summer we planted a vegetable garden.  My daughter loved the process and has eaten and enjoyed every vegetable she picked.  Since learning about LANA, in my classroom and home I have introduced an assortment of healthy foods in new ways, changed snacks to healthy choices, and made trying new foods FUN!

For more information on LANA or nutrition tips go to:

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